All Conoa plug-ins for one great price!

This package includes Conoa 3D, Conoa EasyShapes, Conoa EasyFX, and Conoa 3D Layer. Check out the individual product pages for product descriptions.

This packages is for users who want the multiple intersecting shapes of Conoa 3D, and the warpage of Conoa CylinderWarp and Conoa SphereWarp, the ease and flexibility of Conoa Cube, and the image processing capabilities of Conoa EasyFX.

Note that the shapes of Conoa EasyShapes will not exist in the same virtual space as those of Conoa 3D. Conoa EasyShapes can not intersect those of Conoa 3D.

Conoa plugins work with the following hosts:
  • Adobe After Effects 4.1 through CS6
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and higher,
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 3 through 6,
  • Discreet Combustion 3.0
  • Avid AVX systems (including Xpress DV, Xpress Pro and Symphony) through the use of Elastic Gasket from Profound Effects
  • Quantel through software from VDS.

Conoa SuperPak v4.0 CSP001$349.00